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Free James Holmes

2012-07-30 14:26:07 by level1isbest

And let's all have a party afterwards

Free James Holmes

Teenage dirtbag: Part 1

2012-01-16 18:29:14 by level1isbest

Featuring: PR0TAGON1ST, SeeD419, and CNTQwerty; a tale of love and betrayal

Cars honked their horns noisily in the crowded street. A lone bird flew slightly above the artificial trees; trying to find a suitable area for it's nest. A small group of faggy-ass children walked to their slum school to get molested by the older, less-wise, negros. As Jimmy rode his sexy blue bike to that very same slum school, he knew that all was well. The sun did not shine, but at the same time it did not matter. The air was still of a perfect humidity.

Today was going to be a great day. He just knew it. Not only was it Friday, but he was going to meet his crush Noel by her locker after third period. It had been what he was waiting for all his life. She rung his bell, man. She rung his bell. Ding a Ling!

As he neared the parking lot of the highschool, Jimmy made sure to try and conceal himself behind the traffic. He didn't want to be seen on this bike. It might get stolen since it was too sexy for even himself. You see, Jimmy wasn't too popular with the crowd. He was often called a 'loser' and was pushed around by the hooligans on the football team. They ruffled his feathers quite a bit.

He was almost there; the railing was in sight. As he reached into his pocket to pull out his lock, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Fearing the worst, he jerked his head to the side just in time to see a pair of hands placing themselves on his side. Suddenly, pressure was applied to the hands. Jimmy fell off his bike and watched in horror as it crashed to the ground.

Things seemed to be moving in slow motion. A single speck of paint glided through the air over to Jimmy and rested contemptibly on his shoe. His eyes darted up to where the bike had fallen over. Scanning the length of it, he could see no damage; but he knew it was there. A pair of Nikes obscured his vision and interrupted his inspection.

Staring intently as the sidewalk that lay before him, Jimmy wondered what he should do about the situation at hand. He already was aware of who pushed him. He had seen those same pair of Nikes before. They were stained with an amount of mud that only a true athlete could muster. He had seen those shoes far too many times. It was almost a daily occurrence, actually. These Nikes belonged to no other than Blake.

Blake; or SeeD as others called him, was the 4th string quarterback on the school's football team 'The Mudcats'. He was known mostly for his only time on the field ever. It was the fourth quarter and the score was 21-23 Mudcats. They were at the 10 yard line and ready to score again. With only a minute and 47 seconds on the clock, this would secure the team's fate. After a brief huddle, Blake took up his position and readied his hands for the ball.

With a quick "Hike!" the football was in his hands. For a moment, life seemed to pause before his very eyes. Everything was going perfect. He sought out an open receiver, stepped back, and was sacked. About two hundred pounds of left tackle slammed into his back. Blake watched in horror as the football flew out of his reach and into the hands of the opposing team. The Mudcats lost that game, and Blake never touched a football since.

As Jimmy snapped out of the dream-like trance, he noticed that there were two people in front of him talking. One was obviously still Blake. It didn't take long at all for him to recognize the second voice. Eyes widening, Jimmy looked up. Standing in front of him was the love of his life. The love that he had not even spoke a single sentence to. It was her. Noel. She returned his gaze and smiled softly at him. Jimmy felt funny inside as well as out. Noel looked at him with a mixture of disgust and amusement. Looking down, he could see why. With all of the excitement, he had popped a boner.

Minecraft peeps

2011-08-28 16:05:22 by level1isbest

Ya'llz got trolled.

in the mean time

Micheal slumped over his desk and mumbled in a daze. The dim light provided to him by the lamp looked down upon the diary and read the words aloud in a faint whisper. Micheal sighed and smiled. He didn't care how tired he was; it was a good day.

March 15, 2008
She seems to be slacking in her duties lately. The bed is not made, the dishes aren't washed... it worries me how she acts like this behavior is normal. It is obvious to me that she needs help. I have decided to help her in the best way I can. I know how she loves me, and she knows how I love her so very dearly. Tonight after our special dinner, I shall propose to the love of my life. She will say 'yes' and she will love me forever until the day she dies. That's the way it is meant to be. That's the way it will be.

Micheal smiled once more and closed the tattered book. He smelled the air and hurried downstairs. Once in the kitchen, he walked over to the candlelit table and sat down. Soon after, Angie walked into the room. She stopped in mid-stride as she saw Micheal sitting there in his church clothes. She spoke slowly, carefully.

"Micheal, Hunnie, what is this?" Micheal smiled and rose from his seat.

"This is our dinner. This is the rest of our evening." Angie frowned and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Don't you remember? I told you I have plans tonight with the girls." Micheal continued to smile. It sent a chill down Angie's back.

"Oh dear, you're so silly. Please, have a seat. I have a surprise for you." Angie cautiously pulled out a chair and sat down opposite of where Micheal was seated. Micheal walked over to Angie's side and dropped to one knee. Angie's eyes widened. She could feel Micheal stroking her hand as he pulled a tiny black box out of his pocket. Angie began to shake her head. She rose out of her seat just as Micheal opened the box. "Angie? Dear, what's wrong? Are you OK?"

Angie backed away from the now standing Micheal.

"Micheal, I can't do this. I'm not ready. I'm sorry, but I think you're moving too fast." Micheal's lower lip began to tremble.

"You mean to tell me that you don't love me...?" Angie smiled and cocked her head to the side.

"Oh, of course I love you. You know that... it's just- I don't think we're ready for this yet." Micheal looked at his feet. He dropped the box, and the ring rolled onto the floor. A single tear struck Micheal's shoe. Angie waited for some kind of response. After what felt like an hour, Micheal's eyes rose to meet Angie's. His lower lip was still trembling, but this time it was different. A small stream of blood ran down the left side. Micheal scowled. He walked up to Angie, who began to back away, and wrapped his hands around her neck.

"How could you betray me like this? How could you not love me?!" Angie began to gasp for breath as she tried to pry off Micheal's hands. Micheal's face began to turn red as Angie's turned purple. She managed to free herself of one hand, which in turn slapped her. With a triumphing yell, Micheal threw Angie to the ground and stomped on her raw neck. Suddenly the gasping stopped, and Micheal walked back over to the table. He sighed as the candle blew out in a puff of smoke.

In other news

2011-05-31 23:20:02 by level1isbest

The sexual cravings of a teenager are like a creeper at your door. You know that you're going to have to deal with it at some point, so you grab your sword, break down the door, and stab at the fucker until you hear that faint hiss, and he dies. Your smile is wide as you clean up the sulpher from your carpet, and for a while, you are satisfied. Other times, the creeper sneaks up on you. You open the door on a nice, pleasant day; not a care in the world as you walk outside. You don't even have time to think before you see the green flesh. In an instant, the creeper explodes, and the front of your house is destroyed. You lie on the cold ground, twitching. Half of your strength, sucked right out of you in a flash. You aren't ready to give this up. You aren't ready to let your hunger deplete in this ambush. You look around, begging for more. Ready to kill the creeper. Slowly, making it enjoyable. But where is the creeper? No where to be found...

Terraria, you say?

2011-05-22 02:21:05 by level1isbest

I worked hard on it ;_;

jpeg raped quality >:(

Terraria, you say?

Minecraft: A story of love, loss, and bullshit

2011-04-01 20:58:39 by level1isbest


Raynabo quietly snuck around the quiet town. The moon had risen, and most people were asleep. She approached Seed's house. A nice wooden shack with a yard for a dog. Raynabo smiled and broke all of the glass before making her way inside. Seed's dog growled at her, and stood up. Raynabo glared and stabbed the mutt once in it's neck with her stone sword. She then took out her flint and steel and burned down the house.

As she walked away from the inferno, her ears were greeted with whimpering. She tracked down the source of the sound and located a small wood house. She looked in the window and saw 7 dogs. Giggling, Raynabo walked through the door into the house, and once again took out her flint and steel.

"Stop it, cunt." Raynabo turned around just in time to see a fist coming for the side of her head. The fist struck, and Raynabo fell on her butt. When she focused her eyes on the attacker, Raynabo made out that it was Level. This must have been her house. Trying to think of a way out, Raynabo began to mutter sorry over and over.

"I don't like the fact that you were trying to kill my dogs, you whore." Raynabo saw Level squatting, and she looked down to see what she was doing. Raynabo's eyes shot open wide and she almost gagged. Level was stroking one of her dog's dick shaft. The red dick itself was beginning to come out.
"I'm going to have to punish you, Raynabo." Raynabo screamed and tried to get up, but Level quickly pushed her back down to the ground and positioned her so that she was on her hands and knees with her ass facing Level.

"Please, no" Raynabo pleaded as tears filled her eyes. She tried to struggle, but it was of no use. Level had four years on her. Having seen that the dog was ready, Level used her blade to cut a hole in Raynabo's leather pants where her dry cunt was.

"We need to get this nice and wet" Level said as she began to rub Raynabo's pussy with her fingers. Raynabo's face turned red and her body stiffened. The most she had ever taken in were 3 fingers. She was scared. Raynabo jerked as her pussy suddenly stretched. Level was ramming 2 fingers in and out of the now wet cunt with increasing speed. She was smiling like she was insane. She might have been.

Level, apparently satisfied with the thickness of the fluids, pulled out her fingers, and licked them good. She then placed one foot on Raynabo's neck, and motioned the dog over. The dog, having done this many times before, places his paws on either side of Raynabo's hips, and positioned himself.
Level used one hand to pull the pussy lips apart, and another to guide the dog's 6 inch dick into the correct hole.

Raynabo let out a silent scream as the dog immediately began shoving his throbbing meat into the darkest depths of her pussy. The dick was huge, and it hurt as her pussy stretched to wrap around it. She could feel the dog cumming to make lube for itself. It was hot and sticky. Level was not happy with just one dog. She called over another and positioned it so that it would be ready to fuck Raynabo's mouth. Raynabo, however, refused to open her mouth. She glared at Level with a deep hatred. Level just laughed and opened the mouth itself. As soon as it had enough room, the dog placed both of it's paws on Raynabo's neck and shoved it's dick into her mouth.

Raynabo gagged as she comprehended what was fucking her mouth. She couldn't even bite down. The dick was too thick. She tasted the thin, salty sperm, and after a minute or two she had to swallow a mouthful to stop herself from choking. She tightly closed her eyes as she did this.

Raynabo could feel the dick in her pussy growing. She didn't know what this meant, but she didn't like it. She let out a muffled scream as the dog's tennis ball-sized knot made it's way into her pussy. Her eyes opened wide as the dog unleashed it's load. Level watched as cum exploded from Raynabo's pussy and filled her womb. Almost as soon as this happened, the dog fucking Raynabo's mouth came as well. The taste of the sperm was too strong. Raynabo swallowed mouthful after mouthful as the dog shot out a load after another. It seemed to never stop. Her pussy was leaking huge amounts of cum, and the other dog wasn't done yet.

After about five minutes, the dogs stopped cumming, and the one fucking her mouth pulled out. The dog fucking her pussy, however, stayed put. He would be there for a good twenty minutes Level supposed. Raynabo panted heavily. Her mouth and pussy both hurt. Her stomach had expanded to twice it's normal size with the amount of doggy sperm inside of her. She could feel it move as she positioned herself so that she wouldn't throw up.

When the dog finally pulled out, Level was grinning. She called over her biggest dog, and positioned it over Raynabo's ass again. Except this time, she was going to let the dog go into the wrong hole. Raynabo, having her cunt stretched out, was ready for the dick, and thought that it even might feel good. She was surprised in a bad way though as an 8 inch dick entered her ass. From the moment the dog's dick first touched Raynabo's butt cheeks, it had began humping. The dog whimpered because of the dryness, and unleashed a thick load of sperm before continuing.

Although it should have hurt, it did not. Maybe she had went insane, but she enjoyed the assfucking. Raynabo panted and rubbed her clit as the dog pounded her too-tight ass. She was on the verge of climax when Level knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her open-mouth style. Raynabo was thankful for this experience, and so she jammed her cum-covered tongue into Level's mouth. The two swapped the cum back and forth and played tongue games.

Raynabo loved the feeling of the dog dick inside her ass. It reached as far as it could go, and then some. It was amazingly thick, and the constant flow of cum made her orgasm every time she thought about it.
She wrapped her arms around Level's neck and crushed her lips against her own. The two kissed as the dog unleashed a load bigger than that of the one released into Raynabo's pussy into her ass. Raynabo's body shook with an intense orgasm, and she blacked out. The last thing she remembered was taking another red dick into her mouth gratefully.


Raynabo opened her heavy eyes slowly. She blinked a few times, then squeezed them shut again as a sharp pain shot up her ass. For a minute she didn't remember where she was or what had happened. Her memory came back to her as she smelt the strong scent of dog semen. She wrinkled her nose as she slowly got to her feet. She had trouble standing up, and so she leaned over the small sink.

Raynabo looked at her reflection in the dirty mirror. Her skin was pale. Her black hair was drenched in cum. She turned on the water and stuck her head in the sink, washing it quickly. When she was done, she took one of the towels off the rack and dried her and neck. She looked in the mirror again, and it was then that she saw Level standing behind her with a boy her age. Raynabo was not mad at Level. She had learned something new about herself. She liked fucking dogs. Confused by the boy, she spoke up.

"Um, Level. Who's this?" Level smiled and placed her hand on the boy's shoulder.
"Raynabo, this is Jake. Jake, this is Raynabo." Jake looked up from the ground and smiled at Raynabo, causing her to blush in response. She thought that Jake was cute. His dirty blonde hair was scruffy, and his piercing green eyes made her heart skip a beat. His skin was so smooth and pale... she wanted to touch it to see what it felt like. Her thoughts were interrupted by Level's talking. "I want you and Jake to stay here and watch the dogs while I go hunting, OK?" Both kids nodded in agreement, and Level left the house. Jake and Raynabo looked at each other awkwardly. After a while, Jake spoke up.

"So... um, this is fun, right?" Raynabo laughed.
"How'd you meet Level?"
"It's a long story... you?"
"She shot me with and arrow one day when I was looking for dogs." Jake lifted up his shirt sleeve and showed Raynabo a scar of where he was shot. Raynabo grimanced.
"That bitch"
"Yeah, but she's cool... Nice boots" Raynabo looked down at her leather boots and blushed. When she looked up, Jake was smiling again. She smiled back.
"Why do you keep smiling?"
"I dunno, maybe I'm just happy."
"Why would you be happy?"
"I'm sitting next to you, aren't I?" Raynabo's face turned more red than before. She looked down at the ground and stiffened.
"You just met me..."
"Doesn't matter, does it?" Raynabo thought for a second
"Guess not." She went to get up for a drink, and once again felt a sharp pain in her ass. She fell into a wave of darkness.

When she woke up, Raynabo was laying on a bed. Jake was kneeling beside her; a frown on his face.
Raynabo smiled weakly at him. "Hey."
"What happened back there?" Raynabo, not wanting to tell Jake about her night of dog fucking, tried to think of an excuse.
"I dunno, guess I was tired." Jake continued frowning, and Raynabo knew he didn't buy it. Jake didn't say anything, however. He simply placed his hand on Raynabo's head.
"You feel warm." Raynabo blushed once again from the contact, and Jake smiled. "Now you feel even warmer."

Raynabo fell asleep on the bed again, and Jake decided to sleep on the floor next to her. Level never did come back. Raynabo woke once more in the middle of the night. She turned over on her side, and was surprised to see Jake sleeping on the floor. Feeling bad, she nudged his shoulder with her hand. He woke slowly, looking around the room. "...huh...?"
"Come and sleep in the bed. There's enough room." Jake slowly rose and climbed into the bed. He fell asleep upon entering, and Raynabo did soon after. That night she dreamed of the dog fucking.

Jake woke up to be blinded by sunlight. He squinted his eyes and rolled over, only to see Raynabo curled up with her head buried in his chest. Sometimes he thought that kids were too mature to grow into adults when the time came. He examined Raynabo's sleeping body. She had black hair that was ΒΌ of the way down her back, and a pretty face. Her skin was almost as pale as his. Not trying to be pervy, he shifted his gaze to her lower body. She had long, proportionate legs. Not extremely skinny like most other girls he saw. Her stomach was flat, and from what he could see, she had a nice looking rump. Jake decided that he liked her. His spirits were high as he went to wake Raynabo up.


Raynabo woke up to see Jake nudging her shoulder. The two smiled at each other, and Jake got up to go to the bathroom. When the door closed, Raynabo began to wonder how big Jake's dick was. She frowned at the thought, and tucked it away in a box hiding at the back of her head. The dog fucking had left her mind corrupt and perverted. She didn't like it.

Jake fixed his hair with his fingers at the sink. When he was satisfied, he ran the warm water and splashed his face a few times. He used his shirt to dry off. Jake began to think about Raynabo's body from the night before, and could feel himself growing hard. He looked down to see his own dick bulging out of his pants. He didn't want to get a stiffy from thinking about Raynabo. He had just met her, and it felt wrong. Nevertheless, his dick remained rock solid. Not wanting Raynabo to see it, he unzipped his pants and walked over to the toilet. He hoped that Raynabo wouldn't hear.

Raynabo heard an odd noise coming from the bathroom. Curious, she put her ear to the door and listened. She almost laughed out loud when she realized what the noise was coming from. She surprised herself when she felt her own pants become wet. Her muscles tightened. How could she let this happen? Didn't she have any self-control? Raynabo bit her lip as she began rubbing her clit in timing to sounds echoing from the bathroom.

Jake began to breathe heavily. He beat his meat as quickly as he could, not wanting to worry Raynabo. He didn't think that she could hear him, but he no longer cared if she did anyways. He continued fapping. Jake could feel himself reaching his breaking point. He closed his eyes and aimed just as the door flew open. He jerked his head and saw Raynabo standing there, face flushed. She grinned. and in between deep breathes muttered, "busted".

Jake's face turned into a shade of deep red. He tried to speak, but ended up stuttering. He remained silent. He gasped in shock at what happened next. Raynabo walked over to him, and sank to her knees. Licking her lips, she took Jake's cock in her hand and began stroking it with her finger. Jake looked down at her with wild eyes, shaking. Raynabo spoke. "If you needed to relieve yourself, why didn't you ask me?" She looked up into Jake's eyes as he tried to answer.

"Um, we just met each other and I didn't think that you would want to help?" Raynabo laughed and gazed down at Jake dick in her hand. "You were wrong" she whispered. Jake's knees bent as Raynabo began licking the tip of his dick. After getting a good taste, Raynabo took the throbbing meat into her mouth and began sucking. She used one hand to play with Jake's balls, and the other to rub her clit as she sucked with increasing speed.

Jake was at his limit. He began to pant as Raynabo squeezed his balls and took his whole dick into her mouth. It wasn't as big as the dog's dick, but Raynabo liked it either way. She took in as much of the sausage as she could as Jake unleashed a thick load of cum into her mouth. As soon as she tasted the strong salty taste of the sperm, she came herself; leaving a mess on the floor. Raynabo continued stroking Jake's softening cock as she slowly swallowed the sperm. It felt wrong, but tasted so good.

When she was done, Raynabo got up, kissed Jake on the cheek, and walked out of the bathroom to change. Jake stood there in shock. He wasn't sure what had just happened, but it had been amazing. He couldn't believe what Raynabo had just done for him. He smiled. He would have to repay the favor soon enough. He was sure of it.

As Jake pulled up his pants, he heard talking outside the house. He looked out the window, and saw Level talking to two red-skinned men. Each of the three had a wolf. One of the men carried a stone spear, the other carried a bow. Level looked angry. As it dawned on Jake that these were members of Level's Indian tribe, he ran out to the bedroom and snatched his iron sword from under the bed. Level used these men to kill. He quickly tried to put on his leather armor. He wanted to call down to Raynabo to get her own weapon, but his mouth was dry. Jake had just finished putting on his helmet when he heard a scream, followed my barking. He strapped the helmet and ran downstairs.

Raynabo was at the kitchen sink washing her hands when the front door was kicked open. Thinking that it was Level, she walked to it; and stopped in mid-stride as she saw two angry Indians looking at her. The Indians pointed and shouted something, and two wolves and leaped through the doorway towards Raynabo. She screamed as she turned to run.

Jake bounded down the stairs three steps at a time. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Raynabo running away from two Wolves. The Indians watched and laughed. Jake glared and jumped down the remaining steps. He caught up to one of the wolves, and raised his sword just in time as it leaped at him with open jaws. Jake slashed and severed the wolf's head, causing the Indian holding the spear to shriek and charge at him. Jake bent his knees and blocked the first blow, but the second caught him in his right arm and he screamed in pain.

"Fuck you!" Jake shouted as he wildly swung his sword and slashed off the man's left arm and head. A yelp echoed across the house as Raynabo hit the second dog with a painting she snatched from the wall. The Indian carrying the bow shot at both Jake and Raynabo, and the two ran into the dining room and took cover.

Jake and Raynabo ducked behind the dining room table as arrows zoomed passed their heads. Raynabo screamed as the injured wolf came running into the room. Jake was sick of this mutt already. He raised his sword over his head, planning to slice the dog in half, but stopped when he heard a faint click. Jake smelled something. He sniffed the air, and a foul scent filled his nose. Jake knew what it was. "Shit, duck!" Not thinking, he grabbed the wolf and pushed Raynabo under the table. There was an ear-shattering boom, then the front of the house burst into flames and smoke.

Raynabo coughed as black smoke filled the room. She picked up the wolf, and watched anxiously as Jake used his ax cut a hole in the wood wall. When Jake made a big enough hole, he allowed Raynabo, the wolf, and himself to crawl out. As soon as Jake and Raynbo breathed in enough fresh air, they got up and broke into a run the wolf followed. Jake and Raynabo knew that Level was still lurking somewhere.

After a bit of running, the trio found a cave, and Jake lit it up with a few spare torches. Once he got settled, Jake pulled out a loaf of bread from his backpack. He ripped it into 3 pieces. Giving one to each himself, Raynabo, and the hungry wolf. The three ate in silence; staring at their food. Jake and Raynabo sat together. Their heads both supporting the other. After the wolf curled up and went to sleep, the two began to talk. Raynabo muttered "I'm scared... Level's going to kill us". Jake frowned and wrapped his arm around Raynabo, pulling her closer.

"It's okay" Jake responded. Raynabo hugged Jake and tucked her legs under herself. She drifted to sleep. Jake looked at the ceiling of the cave. He needed to stretch, but didn't want to wake Raynabo. The day's events confused and scared him. He didn't know why Raynabo did what she had done, but he couldn't complain. His liking of her kept growing stronger and stronger each time they spoke. He didn't know why Level had attacked them with her Indians, and he didn't really care. He just knew that he wanted himself and Raynabo to survive.

Jake said to Raynabo that 'It's okay', but he wasn't sure if he believed it. Raynabo had nothing with her at all, and Jake's own items were weak and breaking. He had used the last of his food tonight. When day came, he and Raynabo would have to find more food and make supplies. Neither of them had a home. Raynabo's home had been burnt down by an organization of shady business men, and Jake's house had been abandoned when Level and her Indian tribe saved him from the same men who burnt down Raynabo's house. In truth, Jake was scared.

Jake awoke with a start. He tried to move, but he found that his hands and feet were chained to a large bed in a wooden room. He panicked. His eyes darted from corner to corner. It was then that he realized he was nude. Jake's eyes widened as a door opened and Level walked in. She had a smirk on her face. In her left hand she held a small blade.

"Hello Jacob..." Level said slowly. Jake grunted and stared at the knife. It's blade shone in the dim lighting provided by a single lamp. There were no windows. Level noticed Jake staring, so she brought the blade up to her mouth and licked the flat side with the tip of her tongue. Jake cringed, and level crawled onto the bed. She was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans; which she was slowly stripping out of.

Jake frowned. Level had teased him many times in the pass. He didn't like it. He did smile a little, though, when Level placed the knife down on the bed and crawled forward over Jake. Jake closed his eyes as Level brought her face close to his. A sharp burning pain ran up his chest. His eyes darted open, and he saw Level swiping the knife across his shirt.

Jake screamed and Level smiled her crooked smile. She wiped one finger across the cut, and spread the blood down Jake's shirt. Jake rocked back and forth trying to escape. It was of no use. Level slid down to Jake's jeans. She unzipped them slowly and pulled them off. She began rubbing Jake's already hardening dick with the palm of her hand. Jake's muscles tightened, and Level knew she was getting somewhere.

Once Jake's dick was as hard as a rock, Level slid off of the bed and walked out of the room. Jake watched the door in panic. He was afraid of what was happening. After a few minutes, the door opened again. In came a woman who Jake did not recognize. She was tall, lean, and her skin was a dark tan color. She introduced herself as Oki.

Jake watched with wide eyes as the Indian licked his dick. Her ass was just hanging in the air- The light bounced off of it. Oki wore no clothes except for a thin leather bra. Her ass reminded Jake of a peach. He wanted to sink his teeth into it. Oki seemed to have ready his mind. She waved her rump back and forth; teasing Jake. She smiled and changed positions. Jake began to sweat. Oki rested his meat in between her firm buttcheeks and began bouncing up and down. Jake wanted to grab a hold of her ass, but he was chained to the damn bed.

He could only watch and moan and he unleashed a load of lovejuice onto Oki's smooth backside. He felt so small as she crawled over him; her full pair of breasts dangling in his face. He felt as if he was a small child in a candy shop. Maybe he was. This time the candy was far more sweeter and exotic in both taste and appearance.

Jake heard the door open, and he Jerked his head to the side in time to see Level walk into the room. She winked at Oki. That knife was still in her hand. Level said something to Oki in a weird language, and Oki left the room. She didn't look back.

"So, Jake" Level said quietly. "I'm gonna try to make an offer with you. You can either ditch that whore Raynabo and join the tribe once more, or you can die a slow and painful death for treason..." Jake stared at Level with hard, cold eyes. He wanted to kill this bitch. Level smiled and continued. "Furthermore, if you join the tribe, you can have Oki all to yourself." Jake flinched. He wanted Oki's ass so bad. He had came within a minute of it rubbing on his dick. He NEEDED it, but he also needed Raynabo. He looked at Level in the eyes; his face expressionless. He muttered in a cold voice "Fuck you".


Level blinked twice. She couldn't believe what Jake had just said to her. Slowly, her astonishment turned into a burning rage. She glared and spat at Jake as she walked out of the room. When she came back, she was holing a frightened Raynabo in place. Jake's eyes widened and he cried out. Raynabo's wrists and ankles were bound together with a thick rope. Her mouth was stuffed with what looked like a bra. Maybe her own? Jake couldn't tell. He began to shake uncontrollably as an Indian walked into the crowded room and freed him from the bed.

Level spoke slowly. "Since you refuse to join the tribe once more, I have decided that I will let you live if you kill your little girlfriend here." She pushed Raynabo forward, and the Indian handed Jake a knife.
Raynabo began to Sob as Jake looked around the room. He had no chance of escaping. The Indian who handed him the knife was now holding an axe tightly in his own hand. Jake sighed as he looked at Raynabo. He slowly raised the knife to his own neck, and held the blade against his skin. Level was about to take out her own blade when a loud crack echoed across the room. Level's and the Indian's eyes quickly met. There was no mistaking that sound. Gunfire.

The pair ran out of the room shrieking. Outside, Jake could here shouting as the rest of the tribe ran for cover. Not thinking, he cut off Raynabo's ropes, and the two hugged briefly. Jake ran into the next room. Raynabo followed. Once hidden behind a small table, Jake took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in an eating hall. In the center of the room was a large table topped with fruits and bread. Once Raynabo saw the food herself, she jumped up and shoved as much of it as she could into her pocket. She also grabbed a stone spear that was laying on the floor for herself, and tossed another to Jake.

Jake looked out the small opening in the wall that served as a window. He saw a group of three men, all of which were wearing heavy black clothing. They each carried an uzi. Jake watched in disbelief as one brave Indian wielding a tomahawk ran up to the man on the left. The man quickly raised his weapon and fired at the Indian, who fell to the ground in a puddle of blood. The group continued walking. On the other side of the kitchen, Jake could hear more fighting and grunts. He and Raynabo would have no choice but to stay in the kitchen. He couldn't risk dying after he had come so close to just a few minutes ago.

As he and Raynabo walked over to the table to eat, the door to the kitchen was kicked open. Jake and Raynabo turned to run back into the small bedroom, but they stopped when they heard a man talking to them.

"What are you doing here?" Jake turned around. He saw a tall man wearing a business suit. For some reason that he didn't know why, Jake felt relieved. He answered slowly.

"Um, we were captured by Level's Indian tribe. We need help getting out of here." The man winced at the mention of Level.

"I am David, and these are my men. We have come to rid of these Indians. They have been stealing our crops... You may come with us back to the city if you like." Jake's eyes lit up.

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks!" David smiled and motioned for Jake and Raynabo to follow him. He began to walk out of the kitchen, but grunted and fell. Jake ran to him and searched his body. The head of an arrow was sticking out of David's leg. Raynabo screamed as another arrow dug into the wall right by Jake's head. He looked out the door to see Level, and 3 other Indians standing on a hill maybe 100 yards away. She held a bow in her left hand.


David. On the ground. Writhing in pain. Jake and Raynabo ducked under a table as more arrows flew into the door way and buried themselves in the walls. Jake could hear a faint, squeaky sound. He looked over at Raynabo, and realized that it was her making the noise. Raynabo's face was red. Her big wide eyes were bloodshot. She tried to tell Jake something, but Jake couldn't make it out through the sobbing and stumbling. Instead of trying to understand, Jake wrapped his arms around Raynabo and pulled her close. He could feel her body trembling against his own, and he closed his eyes and assured Raynabo that he would protect her. Suddenly, Raynabo began to talk in quick, choked-up sentences.

"I'm so scared, Jake. I don't know how we got into this mess. I don't know how I met Level or her Indians at all. All I did was break into her house. I'm sorry I dragged us into this. I'm sorry I fucked those dogs, and I'm sorry for making you risk your own life to try and save mine. It's not me that I want to live, Jake. It's you." Raynabo buried her head in Jake's chest and cried harder. Every deep breath she took made Jake feel worse and worse. He didn't know how to respond to what Raynabo had just blurted out.

"Raynabo... it's OK. Really. I dragged myself into this because I wanted to help you. You didn't make me do this. Seriously, I'm fine; and you're going to be fine, too." He tilted Raynabo's head so that he could look in her eyes; which were starting to dry. Raynabo stared back. She didn't know where else to stare. She felt a little bit better now that she admitted how she felt to Jake. There was still one thing she didn't say, though. She didn't know if she should say it. She almost mumbled.

"I know this is stupid since we're only 14..." She paused as her lip trembled. "I think I love you, Jake. I'm not even sure if I know what Love is, but I think this is close enough." She quickly looked away from Jake and became silent. Jake blinked once; twice. Did he feel the same? Sure, he really liked Raynabo. He had risked his life for her even though he had no good reason too; but love? He didn't think that he knew what love was, either. After all, he was only 14. Why should he love someone anyways? Jake kissed Raynabo's forehead.

"I feel the same..."

PR0TAGON1ST disconnected
level1isbest: DON'T CUM INSIDE!
But it was too late...

Logic quickly got up from his computer and rushed into the bedroom. He found his wife, who for the sake of privacy, is named Anna, lying on the king-size bed. She wore no clothes, and her body had been tempting Logic's PENIS since the previous night. He nearly skipped to the bed, and giggled like a horny Asian girl in an old hentai movie. Once settled on the bed next his wife, the two began to kiss each other and fondle each other's PENIS.

Soon after Anna climbed on top of Logic and began rocking side to side, Logic blacked out. He only remembered brief parts of the experience. The moaning, the milky tits dangling in his face, and most of all, Anna screaming at him to cum inside.

Logic awoke in a drunken daze. He glanced over at the clock on the wall and read the time. 3 pm. He groaned in pain as he remembered what had taken place just fifteen hours ago. His wife, who seemed to be used to Logic's blacking out during sex was cuddled up beside him, wide awake. Logic looked at her, and he began to feel his PENIS grow hard. It wasn't from remembering what he could of last night, it wasn't from looking at Anna, but it was from the very thought of their being-together. He smiled as his PENIS throbbed.

___________________________________2 WEEKS LATER_________________________________

Anna sat on the toilet silently. She stared at the tile floor as if she was afraid of it. She had missed her period, and she was scared. She didn't know how this could happen. Her and Logic always used protection during sex. Suddenly, she felt her stomach churn. She lurched forward and vomited on her feet, startling Logic and causing him to rush into the room.

Their son was born 8 months later. They named him Danny, after Logic's longtime friend. He was a healthy baby; weighing in at 9.6 pounds. Danny was not retarded, but slow. It took him longer to grasp onto the basic subjects that other children took for granted. As a result of this, Danny was bullied since the age of 6. He was called named such as: Retard, stupid, loser, and weird. Danny, who was very quiet and shy, did not tell his parents or teachers about the bullying, thus it continued.

By the time Danny was 13, the name-calling had progressed. And Danny's happiness was diminishing. In just a year, Danny's already low grades and dropped tragically. As a result, Danny failed the eighth grade. Logic and Anna didn't know what to do about their suffering son. They took him to therapists, doctors, and even had conferences with his teachers. They took Danny to restaurants, amusement parks, and got him whatever he wanted, which wasn't much. Nothing seemed to cheer him up.

At just age 16, Danny was addicted to heroin; which he bought from a local drug dealer who was considered a 'friend'. On the night of October 18, Danny ate dinner, walked upstairs to his dimly lit room, and hung himself in his closet. Logic and Anna were devastated. Anna killed herself as well 3 months later.

Logic currently lives in a two-room apartment in New York with his cat Charles. When asked about his life, he looks grimly into your eyes, and mutters, "minecraft".

and it sucks

Ohhai Ghasts PART 2

2011-02-28 23:09:31 by level1isbest

It was a fine day in the pixel world of crafting. Slims and Plebby both tended to the town crops while Seed danced in the meadows mumbling about Gorillas riding motorcycles or some shit. As Plebby was planting seeds, she heard a loud shriek from the portal nearby. Startled, she dropped her seeds and spun around. Realizing it was the portal, she relaxed and spoke to Slims.

"Hey Slim, did you hear that noise?"
"What noise?"

"From the po-" Plebby was interrupted in mid-sentence by a scream louder than the shriek echoing across the town. Plebby and Slims quickly glanced at each other before both shouting "shit". Plebby picked up her sword and Slims grabbed his bow and arrows. Both of them ran into the portal and were quickly brought into the inferno known as the 'Nether'.

As the two rounded the corner of the cobble stone path leading from the portal, they saw Level being thrown to the ground by a rather angry Ghast. Slims raised his bow and quickly shot three arrows at the hovering Ghast. He and Plebby then both ducked behind the wall as the Ghast shrieked and sunk into the ever welcoming lava below.

Slims heard shuffling beside him, so he looked to his left. He saw Plebby stripping out of her clothes and placing them in her leather backpack. Slims spoke slowly.

"Um, Plebs, what are you doing?" Plebby looked over as if she wasn't doing anything weird and responded with "Oh. I don't want my armor to get messed up". Slims nodded and looked down at the ground while Plebby ran past him to the body sprawled out on the Netherrack by Fort Sprawl. As he adjusted his own backpack, he heard a scream coming from below. He jumped to his feet and stared blankly at Plebby slashing at a Ghast that was obviously too far away.

The Ghast waited patiently for Plebby to calm down. Eventually, she lowered her sword and looked around, thinking that she had killed the threat. The Ghast, however, surprised her by smacking Plebby into a wall. She lost her sword along the way. Plebby cowered in a tight ball as the Ghast approached her slyly. The Ghast carefully picked up Plebby with two tentacles and held her like that of a mother holding her child. This comfort did not last for long. The Ghast unfolded Plebby from her ball and held her legs with one tentacle each and a third wrapped around her frail neck. Plebby rocked back and forth viciously and tried to escape the grasp of the demon squid, but had no luck in doing so.

As the Ghast spread Plebby's legs apart, it also raised her so that her ass was at eye-level. It was a small, farm ass. A human would have been greatly aroused, but the Ghast did not possess sexual desires. It was only doing what it knew how to do. Plebby fought back tears as she waited for her fate. It was met. The Ghast forced a slimy tentacle into both Plebby's ass and pussy. Level, who was tight, was not nearly as tight as 15 year old Plebby, and the Ghast had a hard time getting started. Plebby screamed and cried during the whole process, annoying the Ghast even more. To shut Plebby up, the Ghast shoved a fourth tentacle into Pleb's mouth and shoved it in and out as hard as it was about to do to her other two holes.

After much unneeded waiting, the Ghast managed to shove both tentacles into Plebby. As The tentacles slid in farther and farther, Plebby twitched, eyes widened. When the Ghast was satisfied with the deepness, it began pounding Plebby. With each pump of the three tentacles, she would jerk and another tear would flow from her eyes. The Ghast had no emotions, it did not care. The tightness as Plebby's ass was amazing, and so it worked on that more than the other holes.
Plebby was about to cum. She had been holding it back, not wanting to succumb to the demon, but she could not deny to herself that the experience was pleasurable at least a bit. Her face flushed red as her body shook with the force of the orgasm. The Ghast, pleased with this turn of events, also released a thick flow of ink into all of Plebby's occupied holes. Plebby, who knew that she was going to die anyways, swallowed all of the gunk. If she was going to die, she might as well enjoy the pleasure that surged through her with the flow of the body-numbing orgasm.

When the Ghast was finished with Plebby's worn body, it released her, and let her fall 20 feet onto the cobble stone next to Level's twitching body. Changing her mind about accepting death, Plebby searched Level's backpack and found a cooked piece of pork. She eat it greedily, wanting to survive for as long as she could.

Slims lay on his back, paralyzed. While attempting to chase after Plebby, a fireball had blown up on the step in front of him, and he plummeted into the darkness below. As he lay there in pain, he called Seed through his adminy power things and pleaded to him for help. Seed, who was decked in full diamond armor and sword, agreed to help, and rushed to the portal.